#IAmPrecious: Writers and Readers Shared their PHR stories for its 27th Anniversary



There is no better month to celebrate our Precious Hearts’ anniversary than February, the Love and Romance Month, and this 2017, Precious Pages is celebrating its 27th year. In line with that, people are filling their Facebook statuses with love.

Here they are and “pusuan natin!”

Fans and writers shared their greeting with sweet messages.

Of course, our very Rose Tan didn’t forget to greet Precious Pages. To add to the celebration, she has three new titles for Senorita as a gift to all of us.


Other writers shared their first codes and their first published books from the company.

And of course, the writers won’t be writers without their own manuscript for PHR.


Now it’s your turn to tell your tale. What is your PHR story? Don’t forget the Hashtags!

#IAmPrecious #PHR

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