I am supposed to write about dates, not the fruit. I’m not even sure if dates are fruits or nuts. Let me Google.

49 seconds later…

Okay, they’re fruits.

I’m the nut.

Here are the Perfect Date Scenes from two of my novels and the Real Life Date Scenes I pulled them from.



#BRAK and Blueberry had a date by the sea shore. It was a dark starry night. The cabana was all dressed up, food was great because Brak had all the cash to pay for it. And when Blueberry asked why the dashing bastard of Agron went to so much trouble arranging such romantic atmosphere, Brak said he was making ‘ligaw’.  You know what happened next. Every reader now wants to be in Blueberry’s shoes.


A dude I was so in love with brought me to the beach. We were alone in a big vacation house and  we took the mattress out from one of the rooms to the deck so we can lay there and watch the shooting stars. He arranged the wine and the glasses, he even had a rose for me. Too bad, he forgot to bring food. My romantic get-away ended up with me cooking Ligo for two and  the bastard of Tralala out on the streets looking for a carinderia’ng bukas  sa walang makain in the middle of the night. Aanhin mo ang Ligo kung walang kanin?

Lesson: Bring extra rice.



#Arik and Tarcila went to a rose farm somewhere in the mountain province–I forgot the name of the place. Arik was so happy to see the roses and the roses were happy to see Arik, they bloomed in his presence. Tarcila cried tears of joy, realizing how much she loved the traitor of Krohn. They held each other and kissed and promised undying love…


I brought a ‘slap-on bra’, the silicone type you just ‘salpak’ on the boobies, no straps whatsoever. I tried it on, loved it and forgot about it even when Ex-Boyfie came a-calling and wanted a spur of the moment excursion to a lake in a nearby town. Malandi as I was, I went as I was–crop pants, shirt, slippers and the ‘slap-ons’.

The traitor of Baranggay Uno was so happy to see the lake. He ran to the shore, graceful as a penguin on LSD. He kept calling me to him  so we can pretend to be running away to forever. I couldn’t move, the ‘slap-ons’ would not stay on anymore. They kept falling down, like the bridge of London. Beautiful me just sat there holding my silicone cups in place pretending I had a headache. In my boobies.

Lesson: Don’t buy ‘slap-ons’ made in China.


You want more of these?

Are you sure?

Okay. Let me cook dinner first for my forever Valentine.

‘gang sa muli.

“What is your favorite date scene from the novels you’ve written?”

We asked this to our Precious Hearts Romances writers and as part of our Valentine Month, we will be posting their answers here. Keep posted for our next writers answer.

Rose Tan is a Romance Novelist. She has written several titles for Precious Hearts Romances including Bud Brothers which was adapted to television on ABSCBN. You can look for her books Arik: The Traitor Krohn and Brak: The Bastard of Agron here.




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