Are You Ready to Become a Romance Novel Writer?

Are You Ready to Become a Romance Novel Writer?

By  Stefhanie

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Writing isn’t easy as what people think—that what writers do is only stare hard out of the window and words just magically come out. Well, guess what? It isn’t magic. It takes time, hard work, patience, passion, and a talent to weave the words and create a masterpiece.

Writing per se isn’t easy, indeed. And so is romance writing. You might think that you have what it takes to be a romance writer since your mind is full of heart-melting dialogues and romantic scenes that are ripped out of the classic love stories. Of course, being an idealist and a love-junkie can help you come up with a wonderful love story. Nevertheless, one still has to know the fundamentals in establishing the structure of a literary work. The form and content are always coexistent—they are both the basis of a written work. If one foundation is not carefully shaped, your work would be incomplete. So if you can write the best romantic lines ever but you cannot handle the flow of your own story, it would be futile.

The recent PHR Romance Writing Seminar-Workshop held this 13th-14th of May has really been helpful for those aspiring novelists. The lecturers managed to impart and divulge the essential formula in writing a romance novel. Miss Edith Garcia, PHR Editor-in-chief, discussed the popular story lines of a love story—marriage of convenience, secret baby, rags to riches, etc. that are inflamed more by the external and internal conflicts of the characters. Abet Cruz, a creative writing assistant, tackled another rudiment in writing a story—the plot diagram or the way a story goes from the beginning to the end.

Participants are also asked to write their own stories out of the given concepts of characters, plots, and conflicts. They also learned the secret in writing a good teaser, hence, they are able to compose teasers for the novels they are working on. They have presented different teasers that are compelling enough to make the readers buy their books. All of their outputs are to be submitted until November.

A lot of millennials today, be it a boy or a girl, have dreamt of seeing their names on book covers as the author. But writing isn’t just for the young ones. Everybody can have a knack for writing—young professionals, working moms, single dads, etc. And I’m pretty sure that through this workshop, their passion to write has been ignited and dreams are within their reach.

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  1. I dream to become an aspirant writer
    I’m a fan of phr
    I buy a phr novel and I really love your love story
    I hope you give me a chance

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