True Love Is About Falling In Love With Yourself, Not Anyone Else

Love is sacrifice. But do we really have to sacrifice ourself just to be loved back?

That is Nadine Baluarte’s dilemma. She had been trying to transform herself to be the perfect daughter for her father and to be the perfect girl for the man she loves—Miller Sebastian. But no matter what she does, she always finds herself in trouble. And no matter how good her intentions are, it still won’t suit the image of the woman that Miller prefers. 

Hungry for love, she did her best to fit the mold. Until it became a cage she put herself in. But is really love that gratifying when you are not being yourself? Is it real love if you are killing your own identity and soul so that the person we love will love us in return? How long before the crack shows or before we lose ourselves to acting as someone we are not?

We can improve for the better. We can change to make people happy. But not at the expense that we are losing our own soul. The more we pretend, the more we pretend our loved one’s fantasy. 

Because real love is accepting the real you. The person will accept you for who you are and not what pleases him or her. Love yourself. Be true to yourself. 


This article was originally written by Sofia for “Taming The Brash Princess.”

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