Could You Be Stupid For Love?

We all do stupid things for love.  But is there a limit to that?  If someone hurts you, really hurts you to the point you’d wish you’re dead, would you really continue to love that person and stay with him/her?  There’s just so much emotional pain a person could take.  When you reach that limit, you will realize all the stupid things you’ve done.  But realizing them and doing something about them are two completely different things.

Some people might realize that there’s already something wrong with their relationship, but still chose to stay with their partner.  They tell themselves that they can’t just throw all the years they’ve been together, that someday, surely, everything will go back to the way it was.  If they could just bear with it, bear with all the pain, one day, it will definitely get better.  

But what they don’t realize is the simple fact that it won’t.  If they don’t do anything to change their situation, everything will just go downhill from there.  Their partner will just continue to treat them like a doormat—someone whom they could hurt over and over again and won’t fight back.  Someone who will continue to be there to give them all the love and support they need despite everything.  You will just be a convenient existence for them.  And isn’t that a real tragedy?

When you encounter a problem in your relationship, you should face it head on and not run away from it.  That way,  there’s a possibility that you can still save the relationship.  But if you don’t do anything and just let things remain as they were, they will just escalate.  And you will just end up hurt, tired, and emotionally battered.

Yes, we could be stupid for love.  After all, love is the most amazing existence in the world.  But you shouldn’t let yourself be continually hurt because of it.  Don’t be afraid to fight.  Don’t be afraid that you won’t find another love again.  Because love, love is everywhere.  If you just look, it will come to you.  But it won’t ,if you stay in the same place.


And maybe this time… this time that person will be the one.

This article was originally written by Tyra for “Assassins Batch 2 Book 2: Law, Supid Love.”

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