Giving Up Is Not An Option

Ang Boyfriend Kong Mummy Na Vampire Pa is a recently published romance-comedy and fantasy story under Precious Pages, which centers on the life of a 500-year old Pre-Hispanic prince named Prinsipe Isagani and his quest to deactivate the vampire curse. 

As some of you may know, the book ends well and our beloved flirtatious vampire with the help of his Punong Babaylan Reichel Manahan, lifted the said curse. But the novel itself is not all about vampires, magic, and other supernatural stuff. It also focuses on the altruistic act of this obnoxious vampire to give up immortality and his vampire abilities in exchange for saving humanity from the hands of the several powerful adversaries. 

For the longest time, humans are always in pursuit of the eternal life based from the stories of the Tree of Life, the Elixir of Immortality, the Philosopher’s Stone, the Ambrosia and the Fountain of Youth. And yet, Sage Elizalde is willing to give up this kind of immense power. A selfless act from a gorgeous vampire with an extreme mood disorder.

Sage Elizalde, just like most of us is also being haunted by our grief-stricken past. He is constantly being bombarded with guilt when he became a vampire. He constantly blames himself for any vampire-related deaths. He even considers himself as a wretched monster as he is the origin of the vampire species. 

We may all have a dark and bitter history that we want to erase, but we are humans, we are prone to make mistakes. Do not let our past destroy what will come tomorrow. Just like Sage Elizalde, let us be a better person despite all our imperfections.

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Aside from Sage, let us also not forget our heroine, Reichel Manahan. A simple college student who gets caught up in this vampire world. When she is captured, she remains positive and calm as she knows that there are things that are out of her control. In worst circumstances, people tend to panic, tend to get angry and tend to blame others for their misfortunes. Reichel, on the other hand, welcomes her fate with no regrets. She looks at the positive side of things and she just hopes that her vampire superhero will come and will save the day. 

“I feel hopeless, but I can’t allow them to see me like this. If this is my end, I will accept this fate. At least nagmahal ako. At least, I know that vampires truly exist. At least, marunong pala akong umibig.”

Ang Boyfriend Kong Mummy Na Vampire Pa will teach us to see the beauty in life and to see the blessings instead of our tragedy. Moreover, this story is about not losing hope. Giving up is not simply an option.  

The second installment called Ang Boyfriend Kong Supernatural Hunter will be more intense as both of the characters will face far more powerful nemesis that will put their relationship, their loyalty, their trust and their hope, into a test.

Let us be reminded of this story that life is indeed short. Let us fill it with hope, with positivity and most of all, with love.

This article was originally written by Chin-chin Cruise for “Ang Boyfriend Kong Mummy Na Vampire Pa.”

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