It’s Not Only About The Age: The Pros And Cons Of Falling In Love With An Older Man

May-December love affairs have been a topic of many books and movies since a long time ago. It tickles the hearts and imaginations of the romantics. But in real life dating a man so much older than you is far more complicated than in fiction. Here are some of the pros and cons of falling in love with an older man.


  1. He is mature. It’s true that a man ages like fine wine. As he grows older he gains experiences not only about dating but also about life. He is already self-assured and confident about himself. Petty fights rooted from insecurities are probably not going to happen. He is the type of man who you can have a nice, long and intelligent conversations with.  
  2. He is better in bed. An older man wants to please his partner and take his time making it happen.  
  3. He is romantic. An older man is at the point of his life when he is already looking for romance and a possible long lasting relationship. Dating for fun no longer interests him. Studies also say that a man in his forties and fifties values love and romance over finding someone temporary.  


  1. He might have an emotional baggage. In life, not all experiences we collect as we grow older are good. A man in his forties and fifties has lived a long life already. He might have been married in the past and has children. You have to decide if you are okay with that. 
  2. He might have health issues. Health problems come with old age. While there are still a lot of men in their forties and fifties who exercise and take good care of themselves, you still need to keep this in mind. 
  3. He might be old fashioned. Generation gap is a huge hurdle you have to face if you want to be in a relationship with an older man. There are times that you might not understand each other or you might have different views about certain topics. The key will always be communication between the two of you. 

There are more factors that you have to consider about falling in love with an older man before you decide to start a relationship with him. But at the end of the day, what matters most is how deep your feelings are for each other.  Always ask yourself, is it worth it? And if the answer is always yes, go for it. 

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This article was originally written by Maricar Dizon for “Golden Heart.”

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