When Everything Is A Choice To Do What Is Right

We always want to have a sense of accomplishment in terms of choosing what’s best for ourselves, not because it’s what we deserve but because it’s what it should be. People are always torn between two or more choices and having a hard time to decide what to choose. There are choices that we think are both good for us but there are some easy choices but we still want to use others to justify our uncertain decision

And I think, this life realization helped conceive my story—Gangsters VS Assassins.

In this story, you will realize how choices can change lives. How choices can change people who are in love to be in the middle of a battle just to achieve their common goal but with different reasons. You would be torn whom to side with because of the pain—exactly what the characters felt in the story. It will make you realize that you should take responsibility on the consequences of your decision if the choices we made backfired on us.

It’s really hard to point out what this story can teach us about life. But upon connecting all of the events and look for their common denominator, everything boils down to our own life choices.


Everything that happens to us comes from a choice we made. And every time we choose, we should always choose what we truly feel is right. And it has been proven by this story—doing not only what we think is for the best, but doing what  we know is right.

This article was originally written by XavierJohnFord for Gangsters VS Assassins.

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