Whom Are You Fighting For?

“Whom are you fighting for?”

There are people in our lives whom we always want to protect. The feel of someone having our backs is enough to give us a sense of importance. For me, for Chiara and Jaxvien (the characters in my book Zedvage Assault), when we love someone, we should be ready to sacrifice our lives in order to protect them from the dangers of this world. If only we could hide them in our arms and keep them away from the bad, we will do so without having second thoughts.

Kingstern and Gunner (characters in the same book) showed us their unique friendship that can never be torn down by little inconveniences. When we love, we always trust each other. Our true friends will always remain by our side through thick and thin, ride or die. We fight for each other and we protect each other.

The people we fight for are the people we want to keep. They are the people whom we don’t want to lose like our family, friends, and special someone. We fight in order to keep them by our side no matter what happens.

The people we fight for are the people we cannot let go because love is a powerful feeling that will always remain inside us. Fighting for someone does not have to be physical and it definitely should not be abusive. There are times that we will fail to protect the people we love; but even if they die, as long as we stay, fighting for them will always be worth it, because we tried.

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This article was originally written by Jian for Zedvage Assault.

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