Love Showcased In Fiction, Grounded In Reality

“How far can your love go for your child?” 

I think Quertige Assault answers this question because the whole story revolves around protecting Jiara, the child of Jaxvien and Chiara. In this story, you can clearly see a mother’s love. Kung paano inalagaan ni Chi ang anak niya at kung hanggang saan ang kaya niyang abutin para maprotektahan ito. Sa katotohanan, kaya niyang piliin si Jiara kaysa kay Jax kung iyon ang nararapat para sa kanilang dalawa. Dahil na rin sa sobrang daming problemang dumating.

However, aside from mother’s love, you can also see how Jaxvien deals with the years he could’ve spent with his child but fails to do so. He leaves them for years even if he doesn’t want it to happen.

Makikita sa istorya kung paano siya bumawi kay Jiara. At kahit matagal na silang hindi nagkita at hindi nagkakilala, patago pa rin niyang binabantayan ang anak because the love for his child is already in his nature. It is not something you force into you. Their love for their child goes through so much that they are ready to risk their lives for it.

I think it really reflects the love that we encounter in the real world. It just doesn’t happen in fiction, it is based on reality.

You can see that kind of love within your family or friends.

This piece was originally written by Jian. 

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