How To Make A Tough And Modern Woman Fall For You

It is so hard to find true love nowadays. Especially because with just a click on your smart phone you can already find a date and a pretend boyfriend everywhere. In this generation, the damsels in distress are already gone. Women of this era are being defined as confident, tough, ambitious, independent, modern and more cultured.

Most modern women are career-oriented. They sometimes put aside their own happiness for the sake of being on the top of everything and just to let people know they can contribute to society without the help of the opposite sex.

Modern women are frank and authentic. People may find that their frankness is bitchy; but the truth is, these women just hate fake people. They are not afraid to express their thoughts. They don’t care if people will like them or hate them.

People think that these women can take care of themselves because that is what they are trying to show the world. But let’s admit it, behind the tough persona is the scared, neglected and lonely person, and the right love and the right man can be the balance that they are looking for in their life.


They are just having a hard time showing their real emotions but when the right man comes along, they will immediately feel the connection. They will immediately feel the love.

So how do you make a tough and modern woman fall for you?

Remember that these women are not after the traditional courtship. They find it boring; they find it uncool and they it find slow. They are not after the chocolate, the flowers, the gifts because—they can buy those for themselves. Modern women are after the acceptance of what they are. They want to feel loved equally because these women are not born to be just followers. They need to be treated as partners. They need to feel that they are important, and you will support each other as a couple.

So, the next time you meet a modern and tough woman, don’t be someone else. Just be who you are because they can immediately sense if you are just trying to impress them and they don’t get impressed immediately. Just show your true self and if you are the right person, they will instantly get weak and supplicate on your feet.

This piece was originally written by Helene Mendoza.

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