Three Things Every Girl Should Not Be Afraid Of

This is for the girl who settles for “thank you” instead of “I love you, too,” for the girl who would rather bleed trying to keep a toxic relationship than to let go, for the girl who never leaves people behind, but always ends up being the one left behind, for the girl who no longer thinks she’s beautiful, and lastly, for the girl who always cries behind closed doors. I want to tell you that

You Should Not Be Afraid To Let Go

Some love stories are like flowers that wouldn’t bloom. Kahit pa alagaan at diligan mo araw-araw, hindi sila mamumukadkad, maybe because they are not love stories at all… but just stories. Sometimes, you get too attached with the flowers. In the process, nalimutan mo nang alagaan din ang sarili mo. Hindi mo na namalayan na sakakabigay mo pala ng pag-aalaga at pagmamahal sa iba, nauubos ka din. Posible rin na kaya nakakapit ka pa rin kasi nakasanayan mo na lang.

That’s why I want to tell you not to be afraid to let go. Sometimes, leaving is a gift that you could give to yourself. Hindi mo mahahanap ang para sa ‘yo kung nakakapit ka pa rin sa taong dapat ay binibitawan mo na. Hindi masamang bumitaw kapag pagod ka na, lalo na kung hindi ka na rin masaya.

You Should Not Be Afraid to Rebuild Yourself Again

Sometimes, a breakup can change a lot of a girl’s opinion about herself, lalo nakapag naka-experience siya ng betrayal o kaya ghosting. Nandiyan ‘yong hindi mamatay-matay na tanong na “pangit ba ako? Kapalit-palit ba ako? Then why?” You are beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with you. You were doing great before you met him and you will still be great even without him. Stop questioning yourself and begin rebuilding or rediscovering yourself so that one day, you can make your seventy-five-year-old self proud for not going down the drain just because you were hurt. Don’t let your past relationship define you. Remember, except you, no one else knows how strong you are. Except you, no one else knows the countless beautiful things you can do… if only you will believe in yourself again.

You Should Not Be Afraid To Risk On Love Again

Don’t close your doors because of a nasty breakup or a painful past. Don’t deny yourself the chance to be happy again. Someone will come along, someone who will never make you question his feelings for you, someone who will respond with glimmer in his eyes when you say, “I love you.” He will make you realize why you didn’t get your happy ending with the last guy you fell in love with. And it’s because he still has to come along, because he’s the one destined to give that to you.

I won’t lie to you. You could get hurt again for love is never without pain. But this time, he will be with you when it hurts, until it hurts, and until it doesn’t hurt anymore. Because the right person for you will know when you’re hurt, he won’t make you cry and keep it all by yourself in your room. He will knock on your door so loud until you finally open up and then he would embrace not just you, but all your fears, all your pain, and uncertainties, too. He will embrace all of you. The good and the bad. And it’s because he loves you.


If you can take away these three fears, then you are no longer a girl, but a woman now. Congratulations!

This piece was originally written by Spring Mendez.

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