The Lies And Treachery Of Trying To Find “The One”

Things are always fleeting and momentary. It doesn’t matter if a thing is tangible or intangible. But when it comes to love and we find someone with whom we share our raw feelings, and invest a whole lot of emotions, we want it to last, we want it forever. Geez, because regardless of everything, we all want someone.

To begin with, you will meet someone whom you thought will be “the one.” Yeah, those big words “The One.” We all want that. Someone to share your morning coffee with, someone to wrinkle the sheets with, blah blah blah, and the rest of all the romantic stuff we all see on television and read from books. You’ll see them as perfect individuals and even more perfect as a partner and then it will all fall apart. The end. In a blink of an eye, you’re miserable. Then you’ll meet with your friends, they’ll help you get back up again, set you up with someone you didn’t even think about—then holy guacamole, you want to spend your coffee and rainy days with this one, forfuckingever! You’ll realize that this new one is better than your former in so many effin’ levels, and you know for sure you’ll never love anyone else ever again, yes, love because you’re in deep shit. This new person in front of you is your end game and you can feel it in your balls, the one that will ruin the whole dating and relationship experience for you because you’ll end up comparing them all to this one. But wait, there’s more, it’ll be over, too, and you can’t do anything to save it because it’s not your decision alone and “the one” decided to call it quits, as simple as the sun rises from the east and sets on the west. So, you’re much more miserable now.

After sometime you’ll see this person again in a new light, in your least expected moment, and it’ll take you aback like a flash of thunder and lightning. You’ll be angry and all the emotions you bottled up will come out in the open, like a tsunami. You might also find yourself hurting them because you feel like you’re entitled to doing it because you feel unwanted and rejected even if you’re a good guy.

But at the same time you’re longing, you want to feel the warmth and you crave for it again that you’ll brush off the hurtful past and overlook each other’s faults, you’ll just live by the happy memories and be alive again even if there are no explanations. Because you know you don’t need the goddamn explanations, you just want the person, the love, the happiness, the fulfillment he/she showers you so you’ll forgive each other. That’s it, the end, you’re together again, forfuckingever and forfuckingreal this time because you will make sure of it.

Every so often, the person you’re waiting for is in a vessel that you never expected them to be and they will breach your walls at a time when you’re not ready. He/she will come in a form that you think will not click with your personality, then you’ll be surprised at how well you blend with each other; and when you meet him/her, you don’t want to let go, you hang tight with your teeth and nails.


But as good as it gets, you might also end up hurting one another. It’s not going to be perfect, it might even get dirty. It’s not going to be easy but it’s not going to be hard,too. Love isn’t supposed to be hard, it should be your breath of fresh air in a city of traffic and pollution. Likewise, remember that you’re fighting a battle together and not a battle with each other because if you want to win a fight against your significant other, then maybe it’s time for you to hit the brakes and contemplate on the whatnots. Nevertheless, worry not, as long as there is respect, trust and love between you two, then you’ll be good as a peacock.

This piece was originally written by Tracy Heaven (Akned Mars).

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