Do What Makes You Happy

This piece was originally written by Maricar Dizon.

IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO DO SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY. Some people have a misconception that doing something you are passionate about—like traveling, going to parties, meeting new people, doing art, taking lessons to acquire new skills and even falling in love—are only associated with youth. It seems that being reckless, seeing the world and enjoying life to the fullest are only acceptable when you are in your early twenties.

But not everyone can do all these things when they are young. There are people who get consumed with work as a breadwinner of their family or there are people who marry young and get busy raising their children. Time flies in a blink of an eye and the next thing they know, their twenties has already gone by. By the time they are finally freed from the burdens, struggles and tragedies life threw at them, they feel like they are already too old to try the things they could have done years before. They got used to their safe zone that they are already afraid to step out and experience the things they only dreamed about.

These people should know that it is never too late to do what you want to do. Already in your thirties but wanted to enroll to a dance lesson or go to school again? Go for it. Wanted to quit your long time job because you feel like you are no longer growing as a person and you always feel stressed? Maybe it is time for you to find a working environment that will make your blood pumping again.  Always spending your time watching travel shows while sitting in your couch and eating popcorn? Maybe it is time to go pack your bags and actually experience the places you only see on your TV screen. Had your heart broken by a person you thought you will spend your whole life with and left you scared of relationships? Maybe you need to gather your courage and open your heart for a possibility of falling in love again.

There are infinite possibilities out there and we should not be hindered by the thought of ‘it is too late’. And as long as we are alive, nothing must stop us to do what will make our life here on earth meaningful. After all, we only live once. Make it worth it.

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