Stay Hopeful And Keep On Walking

This piece was originally written by Cinnderella.

People have different views and opinions in choosing a book that they want to read. Some want stories that tackle “pure” romance—how the main characters struggle and fight for their love; others want stories with deeper messages and twists involving the situation of each character.

I had always been on the lookout for a good story to read with a lot of twists in every chapter that could teach me important lessons about life. But it is really hard to find one.

The story of Hassena and Demetrius had been running inside my head for some time. I was a bit hesitant to write it if I could really write it, if it would be able to teach a lesson to those who would read it. Because I didn’t know if investing my heart in the story was enough.

Writing No Place I’d Rather Be questioned my ability as a writer. There were times that I was losing my confidence, thinking what I had done wasn’t enough. That was when I decided to read the story without thinking who wrote it.

While reading it from the beginning up to the end, there was this question that kept on running inside my head again.

“What part of the story gave you a lesson?”

No Place I’d Rather Be gave me more confidence in dealing with everything, a positivity and determination to do the things that would make me happy. The story tellsus that life isn’t always about other people, sometimes, it was about us—that we should learn to love ourselves despite the good and bad path we were taking.

Life wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies—it could be a tunnel of darkness, too, where we don’t know if there is light at the end. It is unpredictable. But sometimes, you just have to continue walking without thinking what might happen at the end of the tunnel. Just live your life. Light would soon make its way to find you.

Life is also all about facing challenges in every circumstance—we wouldn’t know when or where it would happen. We wouldn’t know when it would strike like a tornado that could twist settled matters into more complicated situations.

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