When Lying Becomes A Habit

This was originally written by Heart Yngrid.

Imagine a world where nobody tells a lie, where people have no choice but to say even the ugly and uncomforting truths. That’s kind of hard to imagine as there are times that some truths must be left unsaid because they might, ironically, create problems if revealed.

Perhaps that was why people were given the ability to lie or to tell harmless “white lies.” We lie to please people, keep ourselves from hurting someone, save our faces, protect privacy, avoid uncomfortable situations and conflicts, and the list of the reasons goes on. But when telling lies becomes uncontrollable and creating unnecessary lies turns into an ordinary habit, that is the point where a person’s ability to lie becomes alarming.

Pathological lying, also called Mythomania and Pseudologia Fantastica, is a behavioral disorder characterized by compulsive and habitual lying. A pathological liar would lie effortlessly on impulse—even on the most trivial things and sometimes for no apparent reason. 

But the common reason for lying is to avoid reality. Pathological liars tend to dislike the truth.

Compulsive liars are likely to be manipulative and tricky. They can make themselves look good and perfect. They can present themselves as heroes or victims. And sometimes they even believe the lies they tell themselves and live in it. They are great escapist. 

They can easily create their own little world of lies that revolves around them. They can become powerful and unstoppable since there is no limit to their ability to create false pieces of their “world.” They could attempt to tell truths but choose not to and get lost in their own lies.

Since trust and honesty are needed to build a strong and long lasting relationship, people with this kind of disorder are likely to develop problems with relationships. They often have troubles with keeping people in their lives. Either people leave them due to their dishonesty or they initiate leaving people before their lies get exposed. 

Pathological liars are not likely to live a normal life. Since they tend to avoid acknowledging the truth, they are tied in constant efforts to support their lies and keep everything they created look believable. In the end, all their efforts turn futile once reality comes back to bite them.  

Good news is, this kind of behavioral disorder is treatable. One only has to seek professional help and has to have the will to change their perspectives in life.

Reality might be harsh but the way to live life is only by embracing it. Embracing reality, accepting things that one cannot change and conceding to life’s imperfections would make us all feel more human. Living life as it is and not trying to sugarcoat it is the first step to having a potential contented life.

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