Owwsic: The Best-selling Filipino Author of YA Fiction


With more than 12 million reads on Wattpad, Owwsic’s heart-wrenching and tear-jerking young adult novels The Ten-Year Gap and The Day She Said Goodnight have definitely broken the hearts of millions of readers.

Francis Raphael Herrera, or popularly known as Owwsic, is one of the most popular YA authors in the Philippines today. And he now has over 2 million followers on Wattpad. Most of his well-loved stories have been published under Life Is Beautiful Publishing.

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Every young Filipino reader knows Owwsic for his touching YA stories like The Ten-Year Gap and The Day She Said Goodnight. But what makes him really great as a writer is that he’s a versatile one. He can surely make you cry with his sad love stories as much as he can make you laugh your head off with his lighthearted books like Jenny and the Magic ArinolaDiary Ng Hindi Malandi (Slight Lang!)Ang Mahiwagang Bra Ni Lola and LALA Laitera (Ang Laiterang Hindi Naman Pretty).

His other best-selling novels are: A Writer’s Own Love Story, Everyday, Every You, Stupidly In Love Again, Unwanted Marriage, A Thousand Years, Lesbi In LoveThe Other Girl, and That Promdi Girl. Some of his books have been adapted into Mini TV Series at TV5, Diary Ng Hindi Malandi (Slight Lang!)Ang Mahiwagang Bra Ni Lola and LALA Laitera (Ang Laiterang Hindi Naman Pretty).

If you are willing to dive into another tragic YA novel written by Owwsic, be sure to ready your tissues! ‘Cause his new book Good Morning, Rome is sure to break your hearts, readers.

an excerpt from Good Morning, Rome

If you don’t have a copy of this heart-wrenching novel yet, no worries! ‘Cause you can now pre-order this book! Yes, you read that right. The second batch of Good Morning, Rome pre-orders is on-going. For further details, feel free to check out the official Facebook pages of Precious Pages Corporation: Precious Pages CorpPrecious Shop Online, and Life Is Beautiful Publishing.

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