LIB Officially Launches “STORIES IN A POCKET” with Heart-Wrenching Short Stories

By: Nichole Quintos

Life is Beautiful or LIB once again provides an avenue for keen readers and writers aspiring to be published as they launch Stories In A Pocket! An imprint dedicated for compiled short stories and flash fictions, it promises a short yet engaging reading experience that will leave you tiptoeing on a tightrope between being satisfied at how each story ends and wanting for more.

Loyal to its name, Life Is Beautiful had published various stories in different genres that often centralize on themes of Romance and Young Adult, providing readers that blissful and ticklish feeling of youth and leaving them an expression that life truly is beautiful.

However, Stories In A Pocket starts off with a challenge that strays from the usual kilig featuring the first releases, Kisses Of Tragedy by Emma Yadani and Try Not To Cry Challenge by Josh Gonzales, as it is a compilation of tragic love stories, of what ifs and regrets. The stories, though short, are filled with angst and loss that leaves an aching in your chest. But these compilations also spark the necessity for melancholic stories: that we are allowed to feel these emotions, that sadness and tragedies are part of life and part of what makes life beautiful.

A Quick Glance at the Creators

Emma Yadani first posted the stories in her collection on her Facebook Page, which has more than 140,000 followers. Kisses of Tragedy is her first published book, which serves as a milestone for her relentless passion for writing. And we are looking forward to seeing and reading more from her!

Josh Gonzales is not new to the publishing scene, as he had already previously published two stories from his Law Series, with the first book having more than 7 million reads on Wattpad. Like Kisses of Tragedy, Try Not To Cry Challenge compiled already-existing short stories and flash fictions from his public page on Facebook, which has more than 300,000 followers.

Definitely a promising release for the launch of Stories In A Pocket, in such tough times we are encouraged to embrace mournful and heart-wrenching feelings, to recognize that these feelings are valid, and hopefully to strive us to become better—if not, we can always start again at the first page.

The first releases of the Stories in a Pocket imprint, featuring Kisses of Tragey by Emma Yadani and Try Not To Cry Challenge by Josh Gonzales, are a compilation of tragic love stories, of what ifs and regrets.

Both stories will be officially available in the Precious Pages Bookstore website, as well as their respective stores in Shopee and Lazada on September 29, 2021. But LIB offers an advance selling from September 3 to September 28 with a 5% discount. With the discount, Kisses of Tragedy is priced at PHP 142.00 while Try Not To Cry Challenge at PHP 189.00. Add to cart and checkout now, prepare the tissues later!

For more information, feel free to visit and message their official pages: LIBOfficial / Precious Pages Bookstore.

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