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IT CAN be said that art is above widespread afflictions. This is true in the field of writing—literary writing.

Here at Precious Pages Corporation (PPC), the art of writing is thriving despite the ongoing pandemic. The company continues to bring to readers stories of various genre, and this can only be done by nurturing its stable of writers. Proof is that there is a new kid (read: newbie writer) in PPC’s writers block (pardon the pun). At age 21, she has accomplished what no budding writer has done: write a series of novels.


Inksteady is a BS Psychology undergrad who grew up in Laguna. For one who was a bookworm as a kid, and who started writing poetry, letters, and essays at age 11, this series is a big leap from those early interest in reading and writing. She says, “I had no idea it was a form of ‘talent’ because I merely did it for fun… and up until now, I hardly call it one. For me, it is mainly a hobby.”

But the current pandemic and its safety protocols somehow altered the perspective. Prompted by boredom, she started creating her stories, and the opportunity to become a published writer came about from an open invitation from LIB (Life is Beautiful), one of the leading book brands of PPC, to write for the brand. “I just couldn’t let go of the chance, because I wanted to get a wide range of experiences.”

This brings up the topic of influences. Despite the numerous books and authors she has encountered as a reader, Inksteady ticks off Jonaxx’s narrative structure, Blackpearled’s vocabulary, 4reuminct’s wordplay, Makiwander’s monologues, and Bratmind’s humorous punchlines as the ones that have impacted her as a writer.


There are three books in the series: Chasing the Sun, Taming the Waves, and Loving the Sky.

Every book falls under the combined genres of romance and slice of life. The stories tackle the lives of the protagonists, all college students: a struggling Civil Engineering student, an intelligent Psychology student, and a creative Fashion Design and Merchandising student.

And to give the readers a feel or an idea of where each romantic drama unfolds, there’s a state university in Isabela (in northern Luzon), as well as a private university in the same province.

And to further pique the interest on the reader, here are a couple of teasers: The suicidal ideations of the intelligent BS Psychology major student in Series 2 and the clash of insights of the male and female on a very delicate subject matter (read the series to find out what it is) in Series 3. 


Question: Do you practice any rituals (habits) before you sit down to write? (like: watch TV, take a shower, do a mukbang, take a nap, etc.)

A: Yup! I always take a shower first before writing!

Q: As a writer, what is your guilty pleasure (something you are forbidden to do but do it anyway because it is gratifying)?

A: If there’s any, I believe it is a fairly common one: binge-watching movies instead of writing.

Q: Is there a literary rule that you strictly follow when you write?

A: I don’t think I have one. I just write whatever and whenever I want.

Q: If you have encountered it, how do you deal with a writer’s block?

A: I reread the previous chapters and browse some comments to keep myself motivated. I also don’t take breaks unless strictly necessary since I’m afraid I’ll get too lethargic to finish a book if I do.


Question: With regards to the characters, did you have real people on whom you based each of them?

Answer: In College Series 3, the three gay best friends of the female lead were actually my best friends in real life, and I molded them (Cali, Rapsly, and Cliff) in relation to their real-life personalities.

Q: How long did it take you to write each book in the series (approximate length of time)?

A: Chasing the Sun (103,000 word length): 28 days; Taming the Waves (117,000 word length): 1 month and 11 days; Loving the Sky (137,000 word length): 2 months and 9 days

Q: What hardships/struggles did you encounter when you were writing the series?

A: My self-doubts and my lack of motivation.

Q: What insights do the books/the whole series provide to the reader?

A: The importance of asking for help, the essence of standing strong amidst everything, and the value of not defeating your demons, but living above them.

Q: Who gave you the most support (emotional, etc.) while you were writing the series?

A: My family, friends, and readers!

Q: What can the readers expect from the College series?

A: Real life hardships, flawed characters, and realistic events.

Q: Why should readers read Chasing the Sun?

A: It’s my first completed novel, and while I’m not sure I’m confident enough to make everyone read it, I think it’s worth a shot if you’re searching for a story about two best friends who become lovers. That book will also show the reader that everyone copes in different ways, and that the ultimate apology is owning up to your faults and changing your behavior.

The first book from Inksteady’s College Series Chasing the Sun is available for pre-order until October 18, 2021.

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